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President: Joe Johnson
For general feedback, updates and comments for email newsletter and webpage

Secretary: Rob Nash
For all AGM enquiries and general correspondence.

Membership Officer: Margaret Whitelaw
For all enquiries regarding membership e.g joining, renewal or members log in passwords.

Editor of the Aurora: David Ellyard
For all articles and photos for submission for publication.

Sales Officer: Brian Harvey, assisted by Charmaine Alford
For enquiries on sales items, including purchase and postage.

Facebook Admin: Charmaine Alford
For enquiries and items on Facebook.

Web & Database Manager: Geoff Payne, assisted by Charmaine Alford for Facebook posts
For feedback, advice or suggestions on national webpage.

NSW Branch: NSW Webmaster
For feedback, advice or suggestions on NSW webpage and activities

ANARE Club Inc
PO Box 2534
Melbourne Vic 3001