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For Members of AUSTRALIAN Antarctic Programs, previously called Australian National Antarctic Research Expeditions (ANARE)
Antarctic Division
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Thank you for expressing an interest in joining our Club.  
This page provides the basic information to allow you to apply to join; if you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact the Membership Officer.
Membership/Subscription fee is $45.00 ($55.00 overseas members). Memberships are due for renewal 1 July each year.
Join or Renew for 10 years and obtain 12 Years Membership

New Members or Subscribers
If you have not yet joined, we invite you to fill out an online membership application form.
If you prefer to Mail a Printed Application form. Download a membership form. Print a copy, complete your details and post to The Secretary, Anare Club. G.P.O. Box 2534, Melbourne Vic. 3001

Former, Lapsed or Prior Members
If you have been a member in the past and would like to join again, please register for access to the members area of the website where you can renew your membership, update your contact details, view Aurora journals or book Melbourne Midwinter dinner online.

Current Members
If you are a current member having difficulty accessing the Members area of the website, please contact us .

All eligible men and women involved in Australian Antarctic activities are encouraged to consider joining the ANARE Club in order to help continue a great tradition and provide a service to members.

Aurora Australis in pack Ice
Minke Whale

The ANARE Club, through its AURORA Journal and the committee, serve as a vehicle and forum to express the views and news of it's members on Antarctic issues of concern, especially those affecting Australian interests. The Club is a means of keeping in touch with fellow expeditioners and has a Facebook site.

Full membership is open to those who have served with the Australian Antarctic Programs (ANARE), south of Latitude 50 degrees South.

Associate membership is available to those who have assisted these programs and to members of other polar expeditions.

Subscriber membership is available for anyone with a general interest in Australian Antarctic and sub-Antarctic regions, history and current events and become a subscriber to our quality magazine 'Aurora' which is published quarterly.

All membership categories include a subscription to 'Aurora'. In conjunction with the club website, 'Aurora' provides a valuable forum for discussing current happenings as well as presenting articles submitted by members detailing experiences 'down south'.

Club souvenirs in the form of lapel badges, ties, T-shirts, plaques etc are also available for purchase via 'Aurora' or this website.

Antarctic expeditioners are encouraged to join the ANARE Club and participate in Club social activities and receive the official club journal. The AURORA journal is only made possible through membership subscriptions and by the volunteer efforts of members. The ANARE Club is a club that encourages member participation and articles for publication, especially of one's Antarctic experiences.