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History of Aurora
Aurora first appeared as a news letter but was established as a journal when Frank Smith became editor in 1962. Frank continued in the job until 1971. Ken Simpson and Martin Betts then each spent a few years in the chair. In 1981, Shelagh Robinson (Mrs Rob) re-established Aurora as a quality journal with a regular quarterly production, and ran it for ten years. Malcolm Kirton was the editor for the next ten years. Malcolm became ill and handed the reins over to John Gillies. In 2013 John began handing the reins to David Ellyard, and continuing as a co-editor during the transition for several issues.

John brought the journal into the computer age, preparing the material with a desktop publishing program. After proof reading, a CD with all the material is delivered to the printer, who returns the printed copies of the magazine; each quarter a group of volunteers pack the magazines for posting to members. During 2012 Denise Allen began a project to place the Aurora journal online to financial members and as a result members working in Antarctica could now read the latest issue electronically. This project is ongoing.

The end result is what you, the Club members, have contributed in the way of articles and news items.

The aims of Aurora are to: 

  • Inform members of the activities of ANARE,
  • Provide general news pertaining to Antarctica,
  • Raise issues that relate to Antarctica,
  • Keep members in touch with the activities of the Club, and
  • Provide an enjoyable experience to the reader.

In addition, over the past few years,  Aurora has also acquired an important archives function - it is a repository of much of ANARE's history, particularly those personal reminiscences that might otherwise be lost. 

Almost all members' subscriptions go to production and postal costs of Aurora.