Meeting Venue and Attendance by Members
From October 2017, the Council has recommended that meetings be rotated amongst the different States as listed on the page About our Club

All ANARE Club members are welcome to attend Council meetings. Should you plan to attend, please email the Secretary in advance. 

Here is the list of ANARE Club Office Bearers

May 2013
Due to changes in the Victorian Government legislation under which we are incorporated the Anare Club Constitution was redrafted. The Victorian Act lays down a set of 'Model Rules' which associations are required to follow to the greatest degree possible, while allowing for variations to meet the needs of particular associations like ours. So the ANARE Club was required to act. The Anare Club Constitution was redrafted to comply with these changes and Draft Rules were put to a Special General Meeting on 12 May 2013. The membership voted to ratify the New Rules with some amendments.

May 2018
Following the Special General Meeting of 26 May 2018, Rules 51 to 54 which pertain to voting at AGM's were amended.
These are now the Club's Rules of Association in pdf format which governed voting at the AGM on 6 August 2018 and from then onwards.

Travel Policy for Committee Members
Anare Club Travel Policy for Committee Members can be viewed here.

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