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70th Year Heard Island Commemoration

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Heard Island

70th Heard Island Commemoration Luncheon - Melbourne
13th December, 2017 at the Bayview Eden.

What a great gathering we had to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the establishment of the ANARE station on Heard Island in December 1947. The day belonged to the veterans and their families from those early years, 1947-55. There were stories of courage and bravery; emotion and laughter; mateship and joy as the old salts shared with us their amazing experiences.

And those that were left behind had tales of coping and hardships too. Wives and children, some unborn when their fathers departed for the windswept speck of land in the Indian Ocean, had to live without their husbands and fathers in the tight circumstances of post-war Australia. At times, there was barely a dry eye in the house.

Thanks to you all for sharing such a wonderful and unforgettable occasion.

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The Heard Island Commemoration was a non-proft, self-funded event organised by the ANARE Club National Council Special Events Sub-committee.
All money from sale of prints, stamp covers & books goes towards paying for the Heard Island veterans' travel and lunch costs for the Commemoration. Any surplus will be put towards ANARE travel and future Special Events.

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And now, enjoy the Photos, Videos and Press Coverage associated with the Heard Island Commemoration

Photos taken at the

Video coverage of the 70th Commemoration Event


For those of you who missed the luncheon or if you just want to relive the speeches and proceedings, check out the videos on VIMEO using this link
It is password protected so only available to members of the ANARE Club and those who attended the luncheon.
The password has been emailed to members and attendees.

Videos include:
  • A complete video record of the Heard Island 70th Anniversary Commemoration Luncheon held in Melbourne on 13 December, 2017 with speeches and proceedings, over 2 hours long
  • A breakdown of selected speeches in chapter form
  • Anecdotes of some of the Heard Island veterans talking after the event
  • a CSIRO video of the eruption of Big Ben in 2016

Press Coverage of the Event

The items below are about the history of Heard Island.

ABC Radio National featured Grahame Budd and Joe Johnson in a half-hour radio documentary about Heard Island for the 70th Anniversary on the Rear Vision" series on Sunday 10th December 2017, at 12 noon.

Grahame Budd and Joe Johnson also appeared on the ABC TV News Breakfast at 8-30AM on Thursday 14th December 2017" - the day after the Anniversary luncheon in Melbourne.