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Personal Antarctic Sites

There's only a few sites listed here but we'd like to display may more; if you have a site that you'd like us to link to, or if you know of somebody else's site, please contact the Webmaster.
Casey 2011 - Dave Barringhouse
Although designed for family and friends, Dave’s more than happy for others to look at his blog if interested. 

Justin and Jo - Davis
Justin is a chef at Davis and Jo is in Saudi Arabia.  A different type of blog describing two diametrically existences.

Petes Polar Place.
Pete's Polar Place is a web site dedicated to the literature and philately of polar regions and to a lesser extent to non-polar philately.

Wilkes Station History
Darryn Schneider and Bill Burch have set up an interesting site on the history of Wilkes station. 

Filled with photos and a sound 'bite' of the huskies being fed, it's a great record of a station long buried by ice and snow.