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The retrospective issue of the Antarctic Service Medallion recognises ANARE service for the period between the routine issue of the Imperial Polar Medal, and current issue of the Antarctic Service Medallion to wintering expeditioners. Circumstances varied but across the five stations, Heard Island, Macquarie Island, Mawson, Davis and Wilkes the period of concern spanned the years 1948 to 1972. The issue was announced by the Parliamentary Secretary for the Antarctic, Senator Ian Macdonald, in a press release of 31 October 1997.

At that time 797 Expeditioners, with multiple winters, were entitled to the awarding of 980 Medallions.

Since the beginning of the project 734 expeditioners or their families, have claimed 910 Medallions, that is 93% of Medallions have been claimed. Of a possible 56 Station/Years, all expeditioners have been found and Medallions claimed for 16 wintering parties.

An updated list has now been received from the Australian Antarctic Division, indicating that at June 2017, there are still 63 expeditioners (representing 70 Medallions) yet to claim Medallions.

Unclaimed Medallions June 2017         sorted alphabetically           sorted Station/Year

Any expeditioners or next of kin identified in connection with the above list, should be contacted and invited to contact Jane Russell at the Australian Antarctic Division on toll free 1800 030 680 or 03 6232 3209, for details regarding claiming medallions.

Two articles published in Aurora provide further detail of the retrospective Medallion issue and insight into the Australian Honour system in general.

Antarctic Service Medallion by John O'Connor, published December 1998.

Awards for Antarctic Service by Phil Vardy, published September 2011.

At the Antarctic Division Patricia Wadington, Mary Mulligan, and Vicki Norris and no doubt numerous other helpers, and Expeditioner Liaison Coordinators who have worked on the project,  particularly during the five years active search up to July 2002. Max Corry as ANARE Club membership officer, and others at the AAD, who compiled the list of 797 Expeditioners who were entitled to Medallions.

Apart from the retrospective Medallion issue the AAD is also holding a Medallion for more recent expeditioner,  Cameron Lethlean, Davis 1999 - any information to the AAD.