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The P.G.  Law Medal 

The National Council of the ANARE Club has agreed to establish an award to commemorate the life and achievements of Dr Phillip Garth Law, one of our founders (in 1951) and our patron until his recent death. 

Phil, as we all knew him, was the first Director of the Australian Antarctic Division from 1949 to 1966, and a major figure in Antarctic affairs as a leader, explorer and administrator. 

The PG Law Medal is to be awarded to an Australian citizen who has made an outstanding contribution to Antarctic affairs and the Antarctic community. This contribution may be in one or more areas including, but not limited to, science, technology, leadership, administration, environmental management, the promotion of tourism and the raising of public awareness. 

The award of the Medal is to be solely at the discretion of the ANARE Club, and National Council will appoint a representative panel each year to assist with the selection. The Council has set aside funds to cover the cost of the award.

We strongly encourage you as Club members to become part of this act of recognition and to consider nominating someone you think suitable to be the recipient of the inaugural PG Law Medal. You can do this yourself, or better still in association with other members, or your branch as a whole. 

Nominations must be received by the ANARE Club by the 1st April 2011. The Medal will be presented at a ceremony to be held during Midwinter celebrations in June 2011.  

We look forward to receiving your nominations.

David Ellyard on behalf of the National Council 
December 2010

Subs Rise Planned from April 2011 

At a recent meeting, your National Council considered the issue of the annual membership subscription. This has remained unchanged at $35 for a number of years, despite inflation. For several years the subscription cost has barely covered the costs of the production and postage of the Aurora - there has been very little to spare for other ANARE Club costs and projects. 

Recently we have had additional costs to meet with the changing structure of the National Council. A number of members now need to travel to Melbourne from interstate to attend the quarterly meetings. Their travel costs are reimbursed, since the Council believes that no-one should be out of pocket for being willing to give time and energy to the work of the Council.

The annual subscription to the Club represents excellent value for money. We all receive four copies a year of our high-quality journal Aurora, as well as access to the services provided by our recently upgraded website.  We therefore feel confident that members will accept the justification for the subscription rise that the Council has agreed to after considerable discussion. 

 From 1 April next year (the beginning of our financial year), all renewals and new memberships will cost $40 a year, a rise of $5. For those who have already renewed in advance, your existing payment of $35 needs no adjustment. Overseas membership including postage will also increase $5 from the 1st April 2011. (e.g. from $45  to $50 per year.)

Thank you for your understanding.
David Ellyard (Treasurer) on behalf of the National Council 
November 2010
Additional note from president: Nobody on National Council wanted the ANARE Club subscription cost to be increased 'just for the sake of it'. However the reality is that in order to remain viable as a national organisation and support various projects of club interest we need to generate additional funds.I realise that some members will be unhappy with the $5 increase, and indeed for a few members it may make continuing their membership financially difficult. Please email me or ring me directly on (I can ring you back easily if you prefer) to discuss any concerns or comments re the rise in subscription cost.  
Ingrid McGaughey
posted 26/11/2010