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17 Dec 2012 - Trevor Gadd's 2012-2013 Club Berth Voyage Representative Report is now online on the NSW ANARE Branch site. Thanks to Phil Silvestro for the uploads.

14 Dec 2012 - Obituary Index -"Roll of Honour added. Graham Chittleborough tribute added

13 Dec 2012 - New Membership application form updated

11 Dec 2012 - Nominations are called for the awarding of the Phillip Law Medal. Completed nomination forms must reach the Secretary by 1 April 2013.  Please, nominate somebody if you can think of a worthy recipient.

11 Dec 2012 - A midwinter reunion notice added. Please let us know if you would like your Reunion advertised!

11 Dec 2012 - A congratulatory message to the 2012/2013 Club berth recipient has been placed on the SA webpage.
The News pages have many new entries.

1 Dec 2012:  The Australian has a gallery about the Life and Expeditions of Sir Douglas Mawson.

29 Nov 2012:  The BBC reports that a team led by Sir Ranulph Finns plans to be the first team to cross Antarctica during the Austral winter.

7 Sep 2012:  The Antarctic Sun reports on the use of UAVs at McMurdo.
7 Sep 2012: reports on a team of British and Australian adventurers who will depart in January to recreate Shackleton's expedition.
7 Sep 2012:  The Financial Times reports that a British team is expected to finish drilling into Lake Ellsworth in December.
7 Sep 2012: reports on a decline in breeding chinstrap penguins on Deception Island.

11 Aug 2012:  Hobart Mercury
Reports on Australia's evacuation of a US expeditioner for medical reasons Australia's A319 Airbus, carrying an Australian medical team, has evacuated an expeditioner from McMurdo for medical reasons.

30 June 2012:  Replica of Mawson's Radio
John Gillies, assisted by Mark Forecast, has installed a replica of Mawson’s radio hut setup in the South Australian Museum. There is already a substantial Mawson collection on display at the museum and it is definitely worth a visit. 
John Gillies and Mark Pharaoh, Polar Collections Manager/Curator at the South Australian Museum, with John's replica of Sir Douglas Mawson's wireless from Commonwealth Bay, circa 1912.

Photo:  Mark Forecast

15 Sep 2012:  The Hobart Mercury reports on the SIPEX Voyage.

14 Sep 2012:  
AAD provides information about the SIPEX voyage departing today.

10 Sep 2012:
 The UK Daily Mail has an article about Antony Dubber, the chef at Halley Station.  It contains many excellent photos and it is very interesting to see how the station is constructed. 

3 Sep 2012:  Latin American Herald Tribune Report on possible methane reservoir in Antarctic ice sheet
The remains of life forms that thrived long ago in a temperate Antarctic have probably been converted into a large cache of methane that could be released if the ice sheet shrinks, researchers report. 

21 June 2012:  2012 Antarctic Medal
The recipients of the 2012 Antarctic medal have been announced.  The medal has been awarded to:
  • Dr Steve Rintoul,
  • Dr James Doube,
  • Dr Neil Adams (posthumous award), and
  • Dr Graham Robertson (clasp to previous award).
Further details, including background information, are available on the Environment Department's web site

20 May 2012:  ABC Report on Macca resupply
The ABC's Fiona Breen reports on the resupply at Macca. 

4 May 2012  Hobart Mercury report on laundry fire on-board Aurora Australis There has been a minor laundry fire on Aurora Australis whilst berthed in Hobart.