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Archives 2018

Archives 2018
The following is a list of news and events which were posted on the ANARE Club website during the 2018 calendar year

17 Dec 2018 - Obituary notice for Gordon Jones, Casey 1974 2018 Tributes

12 Dec 2018 - There is an updated message from the President

4 Dec 2018 - The Special Events are now clustered together on the home page. These include the Heard Island 70th Anniversary Commemoration, the Macquarie Island 70th Anniversary Celebration and now the Mawson 65th Anniversary Celebration which will be on 7 September 2019 and for which bookings opened on 7 December 2018. Merchandise associated with all three events is also available.
12 Nov 2018 - Minutes of all Council and Special meetings from 26 May 2018 are NOW available at "Council Meeting Minutes" to financial members at the Members Login
1 Nov 2018 - Club President, Joe Johnson would like as many members as possible to attend the Opening of the Antarctic Library, Phillp Law Room, Royal Society Melbourne on Thursday 8th November, at 6 pm, and then at 7 pm, hear Charlton Clarke from AAD speak on the "Australia's Antarctic Interests - The Next Twenty Years". A light meal is included for members attending the entire function.
1 Nov 2018 - There is an updated message from the President

1 Nov 2018 - There is a very extensive site set up by Melvin Oakes of Wilkes in 1957 as experienced by the American Richard J Berkley. Melvin Oakes is a retired professor of physics and he became a friend of Richard J. Berkley immediately after Richard's year at Wilkes when both entered graduate school at Florida State University. Richard was one of the foundation party at Wilkes as part of the USA's Operation Deep Freeze during the IGY of 1957-58. Melvin has transcribed Richard's diary and it, together with films and much other material is at this very extensive website.
Richard apparently showed slides at ANARE in Melbourne in March 1958 on his way home and Prof Oakes would appreciate anyone who has a knowledge of this visit and also of a movie about the 1957-58 program called "The Seven Cities of Antarctica."
Many thanks Melvin for the link and your work.

1 Nov 2018 - Now for something different. Take a virtual tour of Macquarie Island. The virtual tour gives a revealing insight into life at the research station at Macquarie Island. This station is being rebuilt, and the tour provides an insight into the station and ammenities including interiors. The virtual tour was supplied to ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) by AAD (Australian Antarctic Division).
Note that after entering the tour, there is a small menu at top left which enables you to look through various aspects of the station.
Spotted on the ABC website by Sue Ashford, October 2018. Thanks Sue.

30 Oct 2018 - The Spring edition of Aurora is is now on-line for members

24 Sep 2018 - There is a splendid exhibition in the WA Maritime Museum called the Antarctica experience. It includes a Virtual Reality Adventure which is 3D and according to a young friend of mine who has worked with 3D, it is the best he has seen. The details are on the link. It is on till 14 October. At present, it is understood that there are no plans to send it interstate.
Advice received by email from Sue Ashford 19/09/18. She is a sister of Tony Ashford (Mawson 1974) and cousin of Mike Hines (Macquarie, 1957). Thanks Sue, for the information.
22 Sep 2018 - A collection of photos taken at the 70th Macquarie Island Anniversary Celebration in Hobart has now been added to the Report of the event.

13 Sep 2018 - Obituary notice for Fred Elliott, Heard Island 1953, Mawson 1955 & 1958. There is a much fuller tribute to Fred in the Spring 2018 Aurora. 2018 Tributes

13 Sep 2018 - The Report of the Macquarie Island Celebration is on line

31 Aug2018 - Obituary notice for Helmut Sell, Casey 1976 2018 Tributes

29 Aug 2018 - Obituary notice for Pat Quilty AM, Chief Scientist at the AAD 1980-1999 2018 Tributes

15 Aug 2018 - The Declaration of the Council Election with voting figures is NOW available at "Council Meeting Minutes" to financial members at the Members Login

14 Aug 2018 - The listings of previous Councils and Office-Bearers has been updated

14 Aug 2018 - There is an updated message from the President

14 Aug 2018 - Congratulations to our new Life Members elected at the AGM - Denise Allen, David Dodd and Dr. David Ellyard
Congratulations also to those just elected to the 2018-19 ANARE Club Council
14 Aug 2018 - The Australian Antarctic Festival 2018 in Hobart has been a great success. Brian Harvey coordinated the Club Stall at Princes Wharf. The Festival was held from Thursday 2 to Sunday 5 August. It included tours of the Aurora Australis (berthed at Princes Wharf for this occassion), the CSIRO's Investigator and the RAAF's Globemaster aircraft at Hobart Airport.
For the Club, the Festival was followed on Monday 6 August by firstly, a Council meeting; secondly, the AGM and thirdly, by the magnificent 70th Macquarie Island Anniversary Celebration, organised principally by David Parer, Liz Parer-Cook and David Dodd, but with assistance from many people.

29 July 2018 - A reminder that Voting for the 2018-19 Council will end with COB 1 August 2018. You can read the Statements by Candidates for Election on line. Also, voting at the AGM or by postal Proxy form on Travel Allowances and Life Memberships is on the AGM page. These are separate issues from voting for Councillors.

Picture 24 July 2018 - The 1968 Macquarie Island party and their wives/partners celebrated MW at Coffs Harbour. Professor Rod Simpson organised a great 50th reunion that included pre midwinter eats at the Pier, MWD at AANUKA Beach resort, a tour of Rod's Marine Science Centre, a picnic barbeque at Mooney Beach and many other enjoyable sessions. A great time was had by all.

19 July 2018 - Getting to see a ship launch in real time is pretty hard these days! so says that purveyor of shipping movements and news, Col Christiansen in NSW. He has sent links for the new British Antarctic Survey ship SIR DAVID ATTENBOROUGH which is being launched on Saturday 21 July from 9pm our time and pictures are being streamed live.
This is the BAS news item and a BBC item with pictures Meanwhile, Nuyina is being constructed in drydock and floatout will be nowhere as dramatic!

Thanks Col for that info

16 July 2018 - Members are being asked to vote on a Motion to Limit Travel Expenses and also on 3 nominations for Life Memberships at the AGM in Hobart or earlier via the proxy form sent as an insert to the Winter June/July 2018 edition of Aurora.
16 July 2018 - The Club now has electronic voting set up, using the site Voting for the 2018-19 Council has now opened and will end with COB 1 August 2018. Postal voting information and ballot papers were sent as inserts to the Winter June/July 2018 edition of Aurora

16 July 2018 - Statements by Candidates for Election to the 2018-19 ANARE Club Council are on line and were also sent as inserts to the Winter June/July 2018 edition of Aurora. Statements by Candidates who have been elected unopposed for the positions of Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer are also on line
10 July 2018 - The amendments to Rules 51 to 54 pertaining to voting at the forthcoming AGM are now on line

10 July 2018 - Times and locations are now on line for recent Council meetings and also for the forthcoming AGM in Hobart

10 July 2018 - The Presidents message has been updated again following midwinter

5 July 2018 - Obituary notice for Norman Robert Jew, Mawson 1968 2018 Tributes

26 June 2018 - Congratulations to Dr Patricia Selkirk AAM who is the 2018 Philip Law Medalist

26 June 2018 - Here is the list of who came to Melbourne midwinter dinner

25 June 2018 - Congratulations to Syd Kirkby for his appointment as an Officer in the Order of Australia AO

21 June 2018 - The home page index now has a direct link to information about the Annual General Meeting

20 June 2018 - All news events for 2017 have now been moved from the What's New page to Previous Years Archives -> archives-2017

20 June 2018 - Mawson send their midwinter greetings and the creative people at Casey have invited anyone who can get there to Midwinter at Casey

18 June 2018 - Nominations are now open for the 2018-19 Council and the forms are on-line. Nominations close on 3 July

8 June 2018 - Nick Gales, Director of AAD has advised the Joe Johnson, President of the ANARE Club that unfortunately, AAD will not be able to provide a Club Berth during 2018-19. This is due to several factors including closure of the Wilkins aerodrome for runway re-alignment which means more berths are required on the Aurora Australis. More information is at ANARE Club Berth and A Word from the President

7 June 2018 - The resolutions put to the Special General Meeting of 26 May were passed. Members can read the Report and details if they login to the Members area and select Council Meeting Minutes and Highlights

7 June 2018 - The Winter edition of Aurora is is now on-line for members

7 June 2018 - The agenda for the Council meeting 26 May and minutes for the Council meeting 24 February are now on-line for members

9 May 2018 - Notice is given of a Special General Meeting on Saturday 26 May to consider amendments to the process for the election of Council Office Bearers. Your vote is important. There is more information and a Proxy Form with the notice

1 May 2018 - Details for all midwinter dinners notified to date or via Aurora are now on-line

1 May 2018 - The Autumn edition of Aurora is is now on-line for members

27 Apr 2018 - Agenda and minutes of recent Council meetings including the AGM are now on-line for members

16 Apr 2018 - Obituary notice for Peter Leslie Gray, Casey 1982, Davis 1985 2018 Tributes

8 Apr 2018 - Obituary notice for Alfons (Alf) Bolza, Macq Island 1955, Mawson 1958 2018 Tributes

4 Apr 2018 - Obituary notice for Dr Janet Reynolds, Davis 1992, Casey 1997, Mawson 2000 2018 Tributes. A memorial service in Sydney will be on Fri 13 April

30 Mar 2018 - Join us on Monday 6 August 2018 in Hobart to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the establishment of Macquarie Island Research Station. There will be dinner, speakers, a photographic exhibition, film clips screened, and sales of prints, commemorative memorabilia with a rafle and an auction. Bookings are NOW OPEN

30 Mar 2018 - There is an ANARE Club BBQ for members & their partners on Sunday 15 April at Ian Mackie's place, 29A Albert Rd. Upper Beaconsfield. An invitation has also been extended to the Antarctic Family & Friends Association. Contact Ian on 03 5944 4124 or mob(sms) 0429 057 474

20 Mar 2018 - Next week Friday, 23 March, there will be a seminar at the AAD. The talk is entitled: "Unmanned aircraft system (UAS) monitoring of Antarctic moss ecosystems: Lessons learned and future perspective".
The seminar will be in the AAD theatrette on Friday, 23 March at 11:30 am.

18 Mar 2018 - Obituary notice for Chris Stucki, Casey 1988 2018 Tributes

9 Mar 2018 - The ANARE Ski Club has an open weekend for ANARE Club members and returned expeditioners at Mt Baw Baw Victoria 17th and 18th March 2018. Email the Ski Club

9 Mar 2018 - Following the Council meeting 24 February, we have photos at the barbecue for Council and Qld Branch members

9 Mar 2018 - The Huskies in Antarctica Memorial - Mawsons Huts Foundation would appreciate your financial support

9 Mar 2018 - Prices have been reduced for Stamps from the Heard Island 70th Anniversary Commemoration

10 Feb 2018 - Obituary notice for Mary Gillham, Macq Is summer 1959-60 2018 Tributes

23 Jan 2018 - Obituary notice for Peter Guy, Macq Is 1974, Mawson 1975 2018 Tributes

16 Jan 2018 - A date for your diary - the Hobart Antarctic Festival will be from Thursday 2nd until Sunday 5th August 2018. The Council will be strongly supporting the Festival and encourages as many people as possible to attend both the Festival and the AGM which will be on Monday 6 August 2018, immediatelly after Festival.

16 Jan 2018 - The dates and locations of Club Council meetings and the AGM for 2018 have been updated.

13 Jan 2018 - Club Berth Representative, Rowan Butler, has returned from Casey and his very extensive voyage report is on line. Thanks also to Col Christiansen who has (as always) maintained the blog on our website.

8 Jan 2018 - It has been a sad finish to 2017 with the passing of two notable expeditioners in the last week of the year and then Bob Tingey in November.
Obituary notice for Neville "Nod" Parsons, Macq Is 1950 & Mawson 1955 2017 Tributes
Obituary notice for Tom Maggs, Mawson 1977 & 1980, Casey (as OIC) 1988 2017 Tributes
Obituary notice for Bob Tingey, geologist during 6 summers in the Princes Charles Mountains 1969-73, Enderby Land 1976-77 and Bunger Hills 1985-86 2017 Tributes