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Annual General Meeting

Annual General Meeting for 2018-19
The 2019 Annual General Meeting of the ANARE Club Inc. will be held
on Sunday 8 September 2019
(following the Mawson 65th Anniversary Celebration on the previous day - Saturday, 7th September)
in Hobart
(further details and forms will be advised in due course)

Annual General Meeting for 2017-18
The 2018 Annual General Meeting of the ANARE Club Inc. was held
on Monday 6 August 2018 at 1:00 pm
at the Royal Society Rooms, 17 Davey Street, Hobart.
The AGM followed the Antarctic Festival in Hobart from Thursday to Sunday 2-5 August 2018
Call for Nominations for National Council 2018-9
Nomination Form for National Council 2018-9 as pdf or
the same Nomination Form as a Word document for people to fill in an forward by email
Statements by Candidates nominated for Election
and Statements by Candidates who will be automatically elected as sole nominees for the positions of Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer
For the first time, voting is electronically (i.e. via the internet) for members with email addresses and by post for those without email addresses or who request to vote by post. Proxy voting was not provided as all members can cast their vote directly.
This information page on both postal and electronic voting remains on the website for future reference.
Two important matters were moved at the AGM on 6 August, namely: (1) Limit on Travel Expenses, and (2) Three members who have been nominated for Life Memberships.
A proxy form was available for those unable to attend the AGM in Hobart.

Annual General Meeting for 2016-17
The 2017 Annual General Meeting of the ANARE Club Inc. was held
on Sunday 20 August 2017 at 2:00 pm
at the Bayview Eden, 6 Queens Road, Melbourne 3004

Notice of ANARE Club Inc. 2017 Annual General Meeting and Agenda
Statements by nominees for positions on the 2017-18 ANARE Club Inc. Council
2017 Proxy Voting Form for ANARE Club Inc. 2017-18 Positions on Council as pdf or
the same proxy form as a Word document for people to fill in an forward by email

Forms for previous years

Covering Letter for AGM
2016-17 Nominations for Council
2016 Proxy Voting Form- AGM -(.pdf)
2016 - AGM Preliminary Notice and AGENDA   

Nominations closed -  11 July 2016
2016-17 Nomination Form -pdf

2014-15 were
2015-16 Nominations for Council
Candidates statements for Election of President and Vice-President for 2015-16
2015 Proxy Voting Form- AGM -(.pdf)
2015 - AGM President's Report