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Special General Meeting

A Special General Meeting of the Club was held, as had been advertised, on 12 May. The purpose of the meeting was to consider, and, if agreed, to adopt, a new set of Rules to govern the operation of our Club. This action was necessary in order that we might comply with changes in the Victorian Government legislation under which we are incorporated. We were pleased to see quite a good attendance in person and many proxies made available. After discussion at the meeting, some small but valuable amendments were made in the proposed new Rules and the final version was passed 80 votes to 5, including proxies.

You can read the new Rules of Association 2013 on the website.

Under them, your Club will be able to operate more efficiently, but its nature and membership criteria will remain unchanged. Full membership will continue to be available only to those who have served with ANARE or the Australian Antarctic Program.

One of the consequences of the new Rules is that our financial year has been repositioned to start on 1 July. This is also confirmed as the common date for the renewal of your Club membership. This has been traditionally so, and most of you have renewals on that date, but in recent years some members have had their subscriptions falling due at other times of the year. This has led to administrative difficulties and to some members missing their renewal date. Knowing that your subscription will fall due on 1 July should help ensure that you keep your membership current.

A Final Copy of the Rules that includes the Amendments from the Meeting can be viewed online as a pdf copy.
Rules of Association 2013

The Minutes from the Meeting can be viewed online as a pdf copy.
Minutes of SGM 12 May 2013

 Members can obtain a 'hard copy' of the Rules of Association 2013 by application to the Secretary.

David Ellyard

President ANARE Club 2012-13.