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A message from the Acting President, July 2017. ianmackie

To commence on a sad note; our President Neil Brandie passed away on 28 June after a long illness which had prevented him from taking an active part in the management of the Club during the 2016/17 Council year. I have tried my best to fill the gap during Neil’s illness with the assistance of the Executive and Council members. Please refer to the Tribute to Neil in this Aurora.

I attended the Melbourne Midwinter Dinner on Friday 23 June (now run by the Victorian Branch of the Club), an enjoyable night attended by 80 members and expeditioners. Our special thanks go to Rob Nash for his hard work conducting and coordinating this night.

Also on Saturday 24 June I attended the Hobart Midwinter Dinner and presented the Phil Law Medal to Dave McCormack. An equally enjoyable evening, although different in style to Melbourne, as is the right of every branch Midwinter.

Some members I know attended two or more dinners in different States. I am convinced expeditioners cannot get enough of each others’ company and will travel anywhere to meet up with fellow explorers. I had a brief talk with AAD Director Dr Nick Gales at the Hobart Dinner and will arrange to have a phone link-up with him after the July Council meeting.

Our Annual General Meeting is not far off (on Sunday 20 August) and Council looks forward to your attendance or proxy. Council is looking at switching over to a full postal voting electoral system in 2018/19. This will give all candidates maximum exposure to the voting members who will then cast their votes prior to the AGM. This should avoid the confusion between Ballot Papers and Proxy Forms that currently exists.

In the near future the new Council will have some significant activities planned with commemorations this year of the establishment of the station on Heard Island and the sinking of the Nella Dan, and next year, 70 years of the opening of the Macquarie Island station, and the 50th anniversary of the beginning of the major glaciology project on the Amery Ice Shelf.

Ian Mackie
Acting President