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A message from the President, May 2018. JoeJohnson

The past few months have seen a great deal of activity within the Club.

National Council met in Brisbane for its February meeting and an opportunity was given for councilors to meet with Queensland members after the meeting. The May meeting was held in conjunction with the NSW Branch’s slide night, held at Margaret Whitelaw’s home and gavecouncilors a chance to catch up with NSW members. Both of these meetings have been attended by local members as observers and these members were able to take part in the meetings.

After the very successful Heard Island 70th anniversary celebrations in Melbourne, planning is under way for the celebration of the 70th anniversary of Macquarie Island, which will take place in Hobart, to coincide with the biennial Antarctic Festival in Tasmania. Council will conduct the Annual General Meeting in Hobart. Council will consider celebrations to mark the 65th anniversary of Mawson, which will probably be held in Melbourne next year.

At a special general meeting held on Saturday 26th May, it was resolved to alter the rules for the conduct of the annual election of office bearers. This will mean that nominations for office bearers and councilors will close before the AGM,enabling all members of the club unable to attend the AGM to cast their votes either electronically or by proxy. All alterations to Rules have to be approved by the Registrar at ConsumerAffairsVictoria and it is hoped that this will be received in time for the forthcoming AGM.

This year the Australian Antarctic Division has advised that it cannot provide the Club berth for the coming season. I have been assured by the Director (Dr Nick Gales) that this is a 'one off' caused by complex logistic requirements for the season, impacted by the need to carry out extensive modifications to the Casey runway meaning that the flight program has had to be considerably reduced, and available spaces will be at a premium on the Shipping program, which has also to provide for personnel involved in the commencement of rebuilding at Macquarie Island and work on an all-season airfield at Davis.
This gives you all time to consider whether you might wish to apply for the Club Berth in the 2019-20 summer.

Wishing you all the very best for your midwinter celebrations.

Joe Johnson