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A message from the President, August 2018. JoeJohnson

I would like to thank you for entrusting me with the leadership of the Club for another year. It is a great privilege and I hope that the year will go well.

This year we have two new faces in the National Council – Liz Parer-Cook and Michael Goldstein, and two old faces have returned – David Dodd and Ian Toohill.

David Pottage did not seek re-election to Council and I hope that, at a later date, he might seek to return as he was an excellent member of the Council, strongly independent and very helpful to me throughout his year with us. Sadly, neither Nancy Bulmer nor Brian Harvey were re-elected. Nancy was a strong contributor to the electoral reform process and contributed well to the life of the Council. Brian has been a very valuable member of Council over a long period of time, and could always be relied upon for sound advice. I have invited Brian to remain on Council as a co-optee, both in his role as Sales Officer and in relation to his outstanding work in connection worth the Antarctic Festival.

The new Council has retained the key characteristics of the last one – it has members whose service stretches from 1960 to the present day, has representatives of all the skills found among expeditioners (with the exception of a medical officer) and is representative of every State except Western Australia – in fact this year eight of the 13 members come from outside Victoria, with three being based in Tasmania.

I would like to acknowledge the outstanding work of Liz Parer-Cook and David Parer and the Special Events Sub-Committee in the extremely successful celebration to mark the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the ANARE research station on Macquarie Island. Attended by the Lieutenant-Governor of Tasmania, the Deputy Premier and the Leader of the Opposition and other senior Tasmanian officials along with over 200 others, it was a wonderful night. At the dinner, Dr Pat Selkirk was awarded the Philip Law Medal by the Lieutenant-Governor, and Life Membership was awarded to Denise Allen, David Dodd and David Ellyard. Dr Des Lugg was the Master of Ceremonies and ensured that the event ran faultlessly.

Under Brian Harvey’s excellent leadership, the Club was well represented at the Antarctic Festival over the previous weekend. Ten new members were signed up, and great interest was shown in the Club by a large number of people. The Festival is a great opportunity for developing awareness of the Club and also for interaction with other organisations involved in Australia’s Antarctic endeavour. The next Festival will be in 2020 and the Club will be there again.

Best wishes to you all

Joe Johnson