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2018 NSW Midwinter2018 NSW Midwinter

Report to follow.

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Who was at the 2018 NSW Midwinter;

Patricia Selkirk Guest Speaker MI C HI 10 Summers 79-04
Herbert Dartnell BAS Signy Island SANAE Gough and Marion Islands ANARE 73-08
David Ellyard M66 Club Rep AA03 CB12
Sue Ellyard
Kirstie Fryirs C08/09 09/10
Lucinda Coates PCM91/92 Club berth 01/02 16/17
Ian Whitelaw
Ron Whitelaw Tourist 2008 MI CB D d'U Auckland is 2012 HI
Rowan Whitelaw Tourist
2008 MI CB D d'U Auckland is 2012 HI
Rowan Butler M81 C84 Club rep 17/18
Colin Christiansen M RRS John Biscoe  C D HI AA 1971-2002 Club rep 97/98
Lynn Williams MI81 M84 HI85s
Warwick Williams Scott Base 78 MI87 M84/85
Trevor Olrog MI65 W67
Damien Macey Son of LEM
Steve Symonds MI72 Club rep 1999/2000
John Wignall M79 D84
Lindsay Stubbs M79
Paul Pilkington BAS/FIDS Signy 63-66
Patrick Haynes BAS/FIDS Argentine Island 60-61 Adelaide Island 65-66
Jim Burgess Law Base 86-01 various
Trish Burgess
Phil Silvestro C81/82 Club rep 05/06
Donna Silvestro
John Rankins M66
Bill Breeze C74


Wally Demech Wilkes 1965
Chompers  M W C M MI South Pole RV Hero 60-89 MW greetings to all, going to Hobart
Bill Burch W60
Neil MacDonald M76
Dave Bishop  C70 D73 going to Brisbane
John and Barbara Seaton RAAF M56
Margaret Whitelaw D04/05 Club rep voyage 10/11 Tourist 2008 MI CB D d'U Auckland Is 2012 HI

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