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NSW Midwinter

Preliminary advice below.

29 June 2019

Greetings NSW ANAREs

Midwinter:  Our celebration this year will be on 29 June, same venue as last year (Tracks Night Club at the Epping Hotel), but for LUNCH. Starting at noon. We think this will be more attractive, especially for those who no longer like to drive at night. So put it in your diary.
The theme this year is Ships Old and New, and our guest speaker will be David Astbury, who manages the building of our new icebreaker  ARSV Nuyina. He will have all the latest news and pictures, including some taken by drone. Not to be missed.

To go with our theme, we will be bringing out another line of our popular ANARE NSW coffee mugs, this time featuring Nuyina. If you get your booking in  early enough you will get one those free.

A lot more detail on all this will come  with our  Newsletter in  mid-May. Till then just hold the date.  And maybe look out some slides of the ships you sailed South in, so you can contribute them to the rolling slide show at the event.

For a variety of reasons we will not be holding a Slide Night this year. All the more reason to ensure you meet up with your mates at  Midwinter.
David Ellyard.
For the ANARE Club NSW Branch.