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 The Club was founded in 1951 by veterans of the first ANARE. The inaugural meeting of the 'ANARE Ex-Member Association' took place at J Block, Albert Park Barracks, on Monday 22nd October 1951. The meeting was convened by Alan Campbell-Drury, following discussions with Phillip Law, director of the Antarctic Division. Law was elected president, Campbell-Drury secretary, and Lem Macey assistant secretary. A further meeting on 29 October decided that the organisation would be called the 'ANARE Club'.

Initially, the majority of ANARE expeditioners were from Victoria; because the ANARE office was based at Victoria Barracks in St Kilda Road, Melbourne, and early recruitment was largely by word of mouth or via the 'old boy' network. With time, however, more and more ANARE members were recruited from other states, and even overseas.

Today a number of states have active ANARE Club Branches under the umbrella of the Melbourne-based National Council and other regions have ANARE activities without the formality of a branch being formed. Although Victoria still has the greatest number of ANARE Club members, there are also large numbers in the other states, territories and overseas.
Many of the State Branches maintain their own websites; these websites advertise local news and events, and present articles which reflect particular Branch interests.

Aurora Journal History

The AURORA appeared at first as a news letter but was established as a proper journal when Frank Smith became editor in 1962. Frank continued in the job until 1971. Ken Simpson and Martin Betts then each spent a few years in the chair. In 1981 Shelagh Robinson (Mrs Rob) re-established the AURORA as a quality journal with a regular quarterly production, and ran it for ten years. Since then Malcolm Kirton and John Gillies have been the editors. Some issues have been better than others, but that is a result of what you, the Club members, have contributed in the way of articles and news items.


From their Club association, the Club members value the comradeship at midwinter dinners reunions and other social functions. The AURORA Journal and the website play a part in advertising these events and by reporting news of members' activities. The members are volunteers and much of the members' subscriptions goes towards production costs of AURORA Journal and its postage. The AURORA journal tries give value for money by

  • informing members of the activities of ANARE and other news of Antarctic interest
  • by airing contentious issues that relate to Antarctica
  • by keeping members in touch with the activities of the Club
  • and hopefully, all written in a manner to provide good reading

In addition, over the past few years the AURORA has acquired an important social function; - as a repository of much of ANARE's history, particularly those personal reminiscences that might otherwise be lost. Articles and contributions are are welcome. Email: Editor

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