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Over the years members of ANARE Club in Europe have gathered together to enjoy sharing their experiences of working in Antarctica. In 1973 the Mawson 1971 winterers gathered at the Mawson Arms in the United Kingdom for a reunion. More recently organisers of gatherings have been Paul Gigg,  Ian Thomas, Rodney Buckland* and John Barnes* and these members encourage contact from ANARE members at anytime of the year.

Recently the European-sector ANARE Club Members have enjoyed two Mid Winter Functions: a Dinner in 2011 and a Lunch in 2012 and 2013Both were held in the UK, with the 2012 Lunch having a British Antarctic Survey (BAS) Club representative joining the ANARE Club Members.

For 2014/2015 the UK-Euro front, are currently looking at a Midwinter Dinner in Anglesea, with a quick post-prandial ramble up Mount Snowden.

* Rodney Buckland worked in Antarctica as a cosray physicist at Mawson in 1971 and is resident in the UK. Currently he is also involved in development of the square kilometer satellite array in Western Australia.  Email: Rodney

* John Barnes worked at Macquarie Island in 1967/1968. Email : John Barnes